The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir by Samantha Power

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The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir by Samantha Power

Post by memoid » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:05 pm

So, former US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, is amongst the 5 people I dislike the most across time, space, and history. To me, she used the U.S. military to enforce global peace with our superior firepower. Samantha Power had the ear of President Obama and was able to convince him that women and children around the world, though especially in Muslim countries, were being oppressed and subjugated and that America would do well for those women and children by invading and destabilizing those countries with no awareness that poor, wartorn, and destabilized countries result in all the rape, all the oppression, all the killings, and all the starving to death, and probably even worse outcomes led by more extreme theocracies and countries led by democratically-elected warlords. She's got a new book out, The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir. Hopefully she's extremely contrite in the pages, though I doubt it. I plan to read the book, though I will try to get it from the library. So many innocent people died as a result of her desire to use extreme firepower to save all the world's women and children using war. You really cannot kill your way to peace, unity, safety, freedom, education, equality or security; instead, after you rescue a dozen women and girls and get them into Harvard or win them a Peace Prize, there's an entire country full of women, girls, and children left in-country to pay the price.


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